Four Seasons Biltmore Santa Barbara Wedding | Tara & Dan

Enjoy this stunning wedding at the Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara featuring Tara & Dan.

Special thanks to Wedding Kate for coordinating such a gorgeous event!

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Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara Jewish Wedding Highlight | Tara & Dan from Lin and Jirsa Studios on Vimeo.

Wedding Preparation

Superstition says that rain on your wedding day symbolizes good fortune for the newlyweds – is that reigns true, Tara & Dan must be one lucky couple! We traveled to the Four Seasons Biltmore Resort in Santa Barbara California where we were surprised with a downpour of rain.

01-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 02-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography

We met our Bride at the lovely Jose Eber Salon at the Hotel, where she and her three beautiful bridesmaids were getting dolled up for the big day.

03-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 04-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 05-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 06-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography

Fun shots like this are a great way for our Bride & her bridesmaids to loosen up and start out the day in a lively way – plus they make for great anticipated candid moments.

07-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 08-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 09-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 11-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 12-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 13-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 69-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 15-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography

We were able to capture this intimate moment between Tara and her mother as they set out into the rain to meet Dan in the courtyard.

10-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 16-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 17-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography

The overcast sky made for a perfect window fill light for these portraits of Dan. We love the dramatic shadow created by the direction of light when we place subjects in front of window light.

18-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 19-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography

First Look

The Four Seasons Biltmore has an magnificent view of the ocean as well as beautiful Spanish style decor and architecture. We chose this courtyard as our first look location because of this specific walkway- it was the prime spot to capture both Tara & Dan’s expressions while also including the architecture and natural elements of the hotel.

20-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 21-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 22-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 70-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 24-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography

The rain didn’t stop us from photographing or filming this special moment between our couple – it added for the perfect journalistic element for this scene. It isn’t too often that you get to photograph a Bride kissing her Groom in the rain here in Southern California, so we took advantage of it not knowing if we could be able to have the opportunity later in the day.

25-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 26-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 27-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography

Wedding Party

Sure enough, the clouds cleared and the sun came out just in time for our wedding party group shots! We took this time to grab some a couple photographs of Tara and Dan goofing around with their bridesmaids & groomsmen before we all headed off to the ceremony site.

28-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 29-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 30-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 31-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 32-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography

The Ketubah signing is a beautifully sacred moment between the two families involved in the wedding. This document is an integral part of a Jewish marriage which outlines the rights & responsibilities of the Groom in relation to the Bride.


Wedding Ceremony

The rainy morning made for a sensational sky for our ceremony – bright blue skies served as the backdrop to Tara & Dan’s Chuppah. Santa Barbara Wedding Style did a phenomenally elegant job decorating the venue, keeping the details minimalistic and classic.

34-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 35-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 36-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 37-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 38-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 39-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 40-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 41-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 42-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography

Wedding Couples Session

Following the ceremony, we took our couple to the beach front to capture their first moments as husband & wife. Tara & Dan were blessed with an absolutely stunning sunset golden hour – a rich golden orange fitting of its name. We utilized this beautiful tree as a background element in order to provide contrast to the hues in the sky. Combining natural elements such as this tree or the courtyard seen earlier for the first look, make for dramatic and interesting composition and an overall dynamic image.

43-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 44-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 45-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 46-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 80-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography

It is so important for us to make sure we get the VIP’s at every wedding we photograph. Rather than just capturing a family formal picture, we want the Bride & Groom to have something unique and unforgettable – so we asked Grandma & Grandpa to make their funniest faces and this was the product!


Wedding Reception


Santa Barbara Wedding Style did an extraordinary job creating these exquisite centerpieces and floral arrangements for Tara & Dan’s reception banquet hall. Beautiful white orchids fell from the tops of the arrangements with contrasting pink roses, all atop slender glass vases.

48-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 49-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 50-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 53-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 54-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 55-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 56-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 57-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography

The night was filled with laughter, dancing, and sentimental moments as family members and friends recollected memories of Tara & Dan and shared in their newly wedded

58-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 59-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography

We love taking fun photos such as this one, where we told the wedding party and our couple to wreak some havoc behind the bar! This is a moment they are sure to never forget looking back on this day!

60-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 61-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 62-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 63-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 64-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 65-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 66-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 67-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography 68-Four-Seasons-Bitlmore-Santa-Barbara-Wedding-Photography

More Wedding Info:

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Wedding Coordinator: Wedding Kate, Website:, Contact: [email protected]
Make Up Artist: Jose Eber Salon, Website:, Contact: [email protected]
Wedding Florist: Santa Barbara Wedding Style, Website:, Contact: [email protected]

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