Brandview Ballroom Wedding | Annie & Justin

Enjoy this wonderful latest Brandview Ballroom Wedding featuring Annie & Justin.

Special shoutout to Karena Sujo for coordinating such a fantastic event!

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Wedding Slideshow

Wedding Preparation

Starting off with the details – we used a Crystal Pyramid to create a reflection along the edge of the photo. With such beautiful natural light flowing through the windows, we pulled out this prism to add more interest to the image.

01-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 02-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer

Annie came to the Biltmore Hotel straight from the amazing Kelly Yi’s Studio, prepped and ready to go. Her gorgeous lace embroidered wedding dress was a statement piece and we wanted to focus in on the grandeur of the dress by centering Annie amongst her beautiful bridesmaids.

03-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 04-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 05-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 06-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 07-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 08-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 5 10-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 11-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 12-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 13-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer

First Look

We headed over to Walt Disney Concert Hall to set up our first look shot. These curved and angled hallways make the perfect setting for a moment like this – Annie & Justin were filled with anticipation and excitement and waiting for what’s around the corner.

14-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 15-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 16-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 17-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 18-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 19-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 20-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 21-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 22-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 23-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer

Wedding Party

The pastel colors of Annie’s Bridesmaids were the perfect contrasting color for the sheen from the steel Walt Disney Concert Hall building so we used the architecture as our backdrop for the wedding party formals. Getting candid moments between both groups of friends was a great way to loosen up the wedding party for the rest of the day and get the party going.

24-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 25-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 26-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 27-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 28-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 29-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer

Wedding Ceremony

First United Methodist Church in Glendale has some of the most stunning stained glass windows in the Southern California area. When light shines through the window panes, the church is illuminated with vibrant rays of light allowing for minimal decor for guests to experience the true majesticness of the church’s design.


The aisle was decorated with simple floral arrangements as to not take away from the grandeur of the church.


We thought we had seen it all, but this ring bearer strolled down the aisle in a remote control Lamborghini and it was the most adorable thing you have ever seen!

32-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 33-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 34-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 35-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 36-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 37-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 38-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 39-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer

Wedding Couples Session

We wanted to utilize the light left from the sunset that was flowing through the windows and creating this beautiful cool blue tone throughout the church. We placed the Profoto B2 on a stand behind the couple and used the modeling light to add a warm back-light, illuminating them from behind while keeping the temperature of the overall image on the cooler side.

41-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photography 42-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photography

Wedding Reception

City Flowers did an en extraordinary job decorating the Brandview Ballroom to match the pink tones of the wedding.


Portos Bakery always delivers when it comes to quality cake design. They kept it simple yet sophisticated to match the overall tone of the room.


Thank you to Christian and the awesome crew at LA Banquets Brandview Ballroom for the beautiful venue and help throughout the night.

57-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 58-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 60-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 61-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer

After a beautiful set of speeches, DJ Tempoe got the night going by opening up the dance floor. We love to showcase the motion and fun that takes place at Wedding Reception’s, so we dragged our shutter to create these motion blur shots.

62-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 63-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 64-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 65-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer 66-Brandview-Ballroom-Glendale-LA-Wedding-Photographer

We wanted to create a lasting image for Annie & Justin to cherish and also utilize the grand staircase at the Brandview Ballroom. The dramatic mood of this shot is truly the standpoint attribute of this image, with the lighting transporting us to a different time and place. Annie & Justin, it was an honor being able to document your love and story.


More Wedding Info:

Wedding Photography Location or Venue: LA Banquets Brandview Ballroom, Address: 111 East Harvard Street, Glendale, CA 91205
Wedding Coordinator: Karena Sujo
Hair/Makeup Artist: Kelly Yi, Contact: [email protected]
Wedding DJ/Lighting: DJ Tempoe, Contact: [email protected]
Wedding Florist: City Flowers – Jay Kim
Wedding Cake: Portos Bakery, Contact: [email protected]

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