Four Seasons Westlake Village Indian Wedding | Iman & Aamir

Enjoy this incredible Four Seasons Westlake Village Wedding featuring Iman & Aamir.

Special thanks to Ajita Chopra Events for coordinating such a fantastic event!

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Wedding Preparation

01-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 02-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography

Lishma did an outstanding job dolling up our Bride and her family for the big day! Iman was a vision in her burgundy lengha with gold eyes to compliment her exquisite jewelry.

03-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 04-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 05-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 06-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 14-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography

Four Seasons Westlake Village has a plethora of locations to photograph at and since we were here for a total of two days, we knew that we had a multitude of options to choose from. We used these bamboo shoots ask a backdrop creating a beautiful green and yellow bokeh for these portraits.


Just around the corner from the bamboo, we took our beautiful bride to this scene – framing her within these bushes yet drawing her out of the scene with contrast.

15-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 16-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 0304- IA-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 17-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 07-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 08-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 09-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 10-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 11-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography

Ajita Chopra and her team did a phenomenal job directing and coordinating our couple so that they stayed clear of each other until the ceremony. Keeping the family formals consistent, we used the same bamboo backdrop for Aamir’s side of the family, making sure to sneak Iman away just in time for them not to cross paths.



18-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 19-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography

Wedding Ceremony

Shawna Yamamoto and her event design team did a terrific creating Iman’s vision into a reality. This simple yet elegant ceremony set up was a true work of art – the scene was filled with gold accents adorned in red roses to match the bridal outfit.

20-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 21-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 22-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 23-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 24-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 25-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography

Wedding Couples Session

Shawna Yamamoto created this gorgeous gold frame for the ceremony stage, giving us the perfect compositional tool for the start of our couples session portraits.

26-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 27-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 28-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 29-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography

Taking advantage of the last few minutes of sunset, we snagged these romantic shots of Iman & Aamir at golden hour.

0633- IA-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 30-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography

Wedding Reception

Iman envisioned having an outdoor garden reception, however this past December held record lows for California weather and it wasn’t quite possible to bring that vision to fruition. Once again, Shawna Yamamoto Event Design came to the rescue and created an indoor Royal Garden reception – decked out with a magnanimous gold fountain as the centerpiece surrounded by green hedges and fresh roses galore.


3D Sounds worked their magic to create beautiful spotlights making this Four Seasons Westlake Village Ballroom picture perfect!

32-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 33-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 34-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography

Along the long tables stood curved centerpieces holding up glass chandeliers. This reception was truly a monument of the artistic capabilities that Shawna Yamamoto Event Design and her team have.

35-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 36-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 37-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 38-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 39-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 40-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 41-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 42-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography 43-Four-Seasons-Westlake-Village-CA-Wedding-Photography

More Wedding Info:

Wedding Photography Location or Venue: Four Seasons Westlake Village, Address: 2 Dole Dr, Westlake Village, CA 91362
Wedding Coordinator: Ajita Chopra Events, Contact: [email protected]
Bride’s Hair/Make Up Artist: Beauty by Lishma, Contact: [email protected]
Wedding Decor/Florals: Shawna Yamamoto Event Design, Contact: [email protected]
Wedding DJ/Lighting: 3D Sounds, Contact: [email protected]
Wedding Printwork: Invite Ink, Contact: [email protected]
Wedding Catering: S3 Catering, Contact: [email protected], Jay Bharat, Roubik Party Planning
Wedding Videographer: Avec Lumiere, Contact: [email protected]

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