Fundy Designer Storyteller Feature | Lin & Jirsa

The makers of Fundy Software believe that everyone has a unique story, and that story deserves to preserved in print for future generations. We are proud to be amongst prestigious photographers like Jerry Ghionis, Scott Robert Lim, Marius Barbulescu, Amanda Holloway, and so many others to represent this revolutionary company and product as Fundy Storytellers.

Fundy’s passion for storytelling shows through in their products, design, and ease of use. Fundy Designer is so simple yet so powerful, you can tell that the Fundy team uses the software themselves. They aren’t just a company designing a product for other people.

Watch in this video as Pye shares why prints hold so much value and help retain forgotten childhood memories. Thanks to Fundy Software Inc for sharing such a beautiful memory!

PYE JIRSA – Fundy Storyteller from Fundy Software on Vimeo.