Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Indian Wedding Ceremony | Sridhar & Sunitha

Please enjoy this gorgeous Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Indian Wedding Ceremony featuring Sridhar & Sunitha.

A big thank you to Jeannie Savage and Samantha Farris of Details Details Weddings & Events for organizing this beautiful event.

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Sunitha’s golden attire for the day only enhanced her natural beauty. She was the center point of a breathtakingly beautiful ceremony site designed by Shawna Yamamoto Events.

01-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 02-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 80-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-photographer 66-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-photographer 67-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-photographer 68-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-photographer

This exquisite backdrop was styled specifically for the Wedding couples session & family formal photos for the day. The trees provided the perfect contrasting color to frame Sunitha & Sridhar’s wedding party and family portraits.

03-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 04-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 71-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-photographer 05-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 06-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 07-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 08-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 09-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 10-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 11-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 12-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography

Guests, family, & friends all witness the couple wed on the Mandap stage making it a highly important focal point of the wedding ceremony. Shawna Yamamoto outdid herself in the finite details of this posh and stylized Mandap setup. An all white draped tent, provided by Revelry Event Design, housed the guests for the event, creating an enlarging effect for the floral chandeliers hanging above. Golden Chivari chairs gave the room a perfect touch of gold elegance to compliment our beautiful Bride, Sunitha.

13-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 14-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 15-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 16-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 06-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-ceremony-photographer

Small pearls were placed in the center of the flowers to give off the slightest sheen to these gorgeous floral chandeliers – a detail so small yet significant we had to capture it!

17-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 18-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 09-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-ceremony-photographer 19-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 20-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 12-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-ceremony-photographer 13-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-ceremony-photographer 21-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 22-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 23-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 24-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography

Even Sridhar was in awe of his soon to be wife as she made her way down the aisle. Sunitha’s Uncle’s and male relatives hoisted her in the air on this palanquin adorned in white and blush toned florals.

25-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 26-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 27-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 28-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 29-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 30-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 32-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 34-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography

The rice shower is a common occurrence in South Indian Wedding ceremonies. Turmeric, an auspicious powder used throughout Indian weddings, is mixed in with the rice to and poured on both the Bride & Groom’s heads. This act symbolizes the couple desires of attaining wedded bliss while promoting their wish of maintaining emotional and spiritual well-being.

26-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-ceremony-photographer 35-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 36-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 29-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-ceremony-photographer 30-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-ceremony-photographer 33-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 37-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 38-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 39-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography

Wedding Ceremony Photography Location: Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach 21500 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 (714) 698-1234

Event Planners: Jeannie Savage, Samantha Farris Contact: [email protected] Website:
Event Planners Assistants: Tiffany Kuo, Tiana Walker, & Sydney Bessler Website:
Catering Manager: Kelly Odell Contact: [email protected]
Hair & Make-up Design (Moms/Henna): Ziba Beauty Contact: [email protected] Website:
Hair & Make-up Design (Suni & Girls): Seema (make-up), Nikki (hair), & Morgan (hair) 901 Salon Contact: [email protected] Website:
DJ: 3D Sounds – Amit Contact: [email protected] Website:
Event Designer/Linens/Chairs: Shawna Yamamoto Contact: [email protected] Website:
Draping: Revelry Event Design Contact: [email protected] Website:
Tents: Raj Tents Contact: [email protected] Website:
Kitchen: Signature Party Rentals Contact: [email protected] Website:
Lighting & Live Feed: Shine Lighting Contact: [email protected] Website:
Restrooms: Royal Restrooms Contact: [email protected] Website:
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Dancers: AATMA Contact: info[email protected] Website:
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