Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Indian Wedding Reception | Sridhar & Sunitha

Please enjoy this gorgeous Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Indian Wedding Reception featuring Sridhar and Sunitha.

A big thank you to Jeannie Savage and Samantha Farris of Details Details Weddings & Events for organizing this beautiful event.

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The #ReddyforLove2015 Wedding was the most epic wedding of our careers to date. The amount of time and effort that went into the production was absolutely incredible. Multiple days of partying and celebration at venues like the St. Regis Monarch Beach and the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach. The endless amount of hours spent on coordinating, producing, and executing details for this event by visionary artists such as Shawna Yamamoto, Jeannie Savage, Shine Lighting, & Revelry Event Design came to a grand culmination point at this breathtaking wedding reception.

01-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 02-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography

Shawna Yamamoto and her talented team created this outrageously stunning wisteria ceiling and floral backdrop for the sweetheart stage. A pure white dance floor with the words “Come Away With Me” served as the centerpiece of a dazzling white ballroom.

03-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 04-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography

Over 1,000 guests were in attendance at this jaw-dropping Hyatt Regency ballroom in Huntington Beach. 120 decadent white tables filled the room adorned with luxurious white linens and exuberant floral arrangements.


Ivory drapery encompassed the venue adding to the airy & angelic feeling overflowing through the room. Crystal chandeliers, provided by Classic Party Rentals OC,  added even more elegance to the decor while offering the perfect amount of light to give the venue a heavenly glow.

06-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 07-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 08-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-reception-photographer 08-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 10-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-reception-photographer 09-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 10-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography

This 9-tier wedding cake was a magnificent art piece that stood beside the Wisteria wall. Bedazzled with jewels and adorned with sugar flowers, Royal Cakes did a phenomenal job creating this masterpiece.

11-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 12-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 13-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 14-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 15-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 18-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-reception-photographer 17-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 18-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 75-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 20-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 22-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 23-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 27-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-reception-photographer

Yes, that is THE John Legend, the guest performer to match this insanely amazing wedding & reception, with our beautiful Bride & Groom and their family! John was the soundtrack to the first part of the reception where the couple danced to his chart-topping love ballad, “All of Me”.

26-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 25-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 27-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 28-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 29-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 30-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 36-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-reception-photographer 30-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 38-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-reception-photographer 39-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-reception-photographer 31-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 41-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-reception-photographer 32-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 43-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-reception-photographer 33-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 45-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-reception-photographer 46-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-reception-photographer

Tunes by Amit from 3D Sounds set the tone for the dance portion of the night when Sunitha & Sridhar’s family and friends flooded the dance floor. Confetti blasted through the air and provided for even more excitement and fun as the couple danced the night away.

34-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 35-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 49-hyatt-huntington-beach-indian-wedding-reception-photographer 36-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 37-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 38-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 39-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 40-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 42-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 41-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography

As we sit here looking through all of the incredible images, there is only one lasting impression in our minds – that we just the incredible opportunity to document and journalize one of the most genuine and kind couples that I have ever met. To Sunitha Reddy and Sridhar Reddy, I can see why so many people came out to support you and your new family. Your kindness and love towards others, your genuine and sincere love for one another, these are things that we all desire in our lives and you have them in spades. You both make all of us around you better people, and myself along with my team had the pleasure and blessing of sharing that experience with you both.

43-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography 44-Huntington-Beach-Hyatt-Indian-Wedding-Photography

We all in the LJP team wish you both the best life has to offer, but I think you both have already found that in each other. Cheers, and enjoy these teasers!

Reception Photography Location: Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach 21500 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 (714) 698-1234
Event Planners: Jeannie Savage, Samantha Farris Contact: [email protected] Website:
Event Planners Assistants: Tiffany Kuo, Tiana Walker, & Sydney Bessler Website:
Hair & Make-up Design (Moms/Henna): Ziba Beauty Contact: [email protected] Website:
Hair & Make-up Design (Suni & Girls): Seema (make-up), Nikki (hair), & Morgan (hair) 901 Salon Contact: [email protected] Website:
DJ: 3D Sounds – Amit Contact: [email protected] Website:
Event Designer/Linens/Chairs: Shawna Yamamoto Contact: [email protected] Website:
Draping: Revelry Event Design Contact: [email protected] Website:
Lighting & Live Feed: Shine Lighting Contact: [email protected] Website:
Restrooms: Royal Restrooms Contact: [email protected] Website:
Wedding Cake: Royal Cakes, Contact: [email protected], Website:
Dancers: AATMA Contact: [email protected] Website:
Henna: ZIBA Contact: [email protected] Website:
Carpet: Event Carpet Pros Contact: [email protected] Website:
Baraat Horses: Enchanted Carriages
Sound: Design Sound Contact: [email protected] Website:
Chandeliers: Classic Party Rentals Contact: [email protected] Website:
Tents: Raj Tents Contact: [email protected] Website:

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