Introducing Rise 8 Media | Commercial Video Production

We have some exciting news! The Lin and Jirsa Cinema team has launched a new brand for Commercial Video Production called Rise 8 Media, bringing our expertise of creatively telling stories to the commercial world. We invite you to view our reel below.

Our History

A few years ago, we started creating videos for Lin and Jirsa sponsors like Canon, Profoto, Magmod, Bay Photo and other companies in the photography space. We also took on select projects for companies like Toyota, Nissan, and Duraflex.  As we grew, we hired on specialized talent, some of the best in the industry with years of experience, and we also further developed the skills of our existing team.

As our talent grew, we knew that we had something unique and special and decided to launch a new brand to define our methodology, solidify our “why,” and house all of our work.

Moving Forward

We love wedding photography and cinema, and we plan on continuing growth in those areas for years to come. The beauty of the visual arts industry is that storytelling, creativity, and artistry transcend labels, job titles, and industries.  Long story short, growth and progress in one business/brand leads to the same in the others; and our team is prepared to excel in both the wedding space and the commercial space.

Our Focus

Rise 8 Media will focus on the following categories of video production:

1) Promotional Videos – Creative short films with clarified messages designed to reach your core audience. See the Canon Burbank Promotional Video example below:

[See the full case study here]

2) Instructional Videos – Intuitive and easy to follow instructional videos designed to educate and expand your community. See the “10 Ways To Light & Shoot The Same Scene for Profoto” example below:

[See the full case study here]

3) Brand Videos – Narratives designed to create an emotional bond between brand and customer. See the Toyota’s Wilson Automotive Brand Story example below.

[See the full case study here]

Please contact us for more information. We’d love to work with you, and thank you for your continued support!