Leonesse Cellars Winery Wedding | Keith & Lori

Directly from the bride, Lori (via Yelp):
“Lin and Jirsa was a must have for my wedding.  I have admired their photography they had done for other weddings for so long and was so excited to have them shoot my engagement and wedding.  They even surpassed my high expectations I already had!  Chris called and really listened to what we wanted for our engagement, picked out the perfect sites that were close to each other and even brought us some extra props.  Chris and his team were so professional and fun.  They even brought an umbrella to make sure I didn’t melt in the hot sun!  Oh, and he worked great with my husband who hates taking pictures and got him to completely participate.  This really made me feel at ease with my wedding day.  They were there early and ready to rock. They really work their butts off.  They worked great with everybody and the quality of their work speaks for itself.  I have to mention working with Jackie and Maria as well. Jackie is likely the first person you would speak to and guides you through the whole process making it easy and fun.  Maria did my wedding album and nailed it and was so easy to work with.  I would highly recommend the Lin and Jirsa team.  Don’t get married without them. :)”

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01-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 02-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 03-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 04-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 05-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 06-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 07-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 08-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 09-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 10-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 11-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 12-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 13-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 14-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 15-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 16-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 17-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 18-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 19-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 20-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 21-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 22-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 23-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 24-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 25-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 26-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 27-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 28-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer 29-leonesse-cellars-temecula-wedding-photographer

Wedding Vendors:
If you were a vendor at this wedding, please send an email to [email protected] so we can include you on the list!
Photographer: Lin and Jirsa Photography http://linandjirsa.com
Wedding Coordinator: Diane Merriss http://www.eventweddingplanning.com/
Florist: Suzanne Smith http://www.suzannemsmithdesigns.com/

Wedding Ceremony & Reception Locations: Leonesse Cellars Winery 38311 De Portola Rd, Temecula, CA 92592 (951) 302-7601

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