Montage Laguna Beach Wedding | Jason & Tine

Please enjoy this gorgeous Montage Laguna Beach wedding featuring Jason and Tine. Special thanks to the wedding planner, Elsa from ME Weddings, for organizing this beautiful event.

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Wedding Preparation

Tine and her bridesmaids started the day off with tons of fun and excitement as they prepared for her big day! We loved photographing the intimate moments she shared with her mom as she saw her daughter all dressed for the biggest day of her life.

01-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Bridal-Prep 02-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Bridal-Prep 03-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Bridal-Prep 04-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Bridal-Prep 05-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Bridal-Prep 06-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Bridal-Prep 07-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Bridal-Prep 09-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Bridal-Prep 10-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Bridal-Prep 12-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Groom-Prep

A key player in their big day was their dog, Teddy, who was dressed to the nines just like Jason. He made a special appearance down the aisle as well – what a fitting way to commemorate man’s best friend!

11-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Groom-Prep 13-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Groom-Prep 14-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Groom-Prep 15-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Groom-Prep 16-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Groom-Prep

First Look

17-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-First-Look 18-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-First-Look 19-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-First-Look

Bridal Party

Some of our favorite moments throughout the day is getting to interact with our bridal party. The Montage has several breathtaking backdrops for group photos such as these, it was too hard to choose! We love placing our groomsmen and bridesmaids in fun and unique poses that are sure to leave a lasting impression!

20-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Bridal-Party 21-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Bridal-Party 22-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Bridal-Party 23-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Bridal-Party

Wedding Ceremony

24-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Ceremony 25-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Ceremony 26-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Ceremony 27-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Ceremony 28-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Ceremony 29-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Ceremony

Wedding Couples Session

30-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Couples-Session 31-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Couples-Session 32-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Couples-Session

Wedding Reception

33-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Reception 34-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Reception 35-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Reception 36-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Reception 37-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Reception 38-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Reception 39-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Reception 40-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Reception 41-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Reception 42-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Reception 43-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Reception 44-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Reception 45-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Reception 46-Montage-Laguna-Beach-Wedding-Reception

More Wedding Info:

Wedding Photography Location or Venue: Montage Laguna Beach, Address: 30801 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 Website:, Contact: (866) 271-6953
Wedding Coordinator: ME Weddings, Website:, Contact: [email protected]
Make Up Artist: Kelly Zhang Makeup, Website:, Contact: [email protected]

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