Newport Beach Wedding Photography – Marriott Hotel & Spa – Nancy & Ravi

A couple of weekends ago, Chris, Justin, and Sarah had the opportunity to capture the moments of Nancy & Ravi’s wedding. The Indian wedding was a 3 day shoot for our studio. The Friday and Saturday posts can be found here (Mehendi Party – Friday, the Grah Shanti – Saturday Morning)

One of the most beautiful aisles I’ve ever photographed, the aisle at Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa was lined with beautiful statues like the ones below.

The Baraat, or marriage procession, is always full of smiles. This beautiful woman is waiting on the bride’s side for the groom to arrive. The Newport Beach Marriot Hotel & Spa accommodated this aspect of the Indian Wedding very well, as the bride’s side of the family waited on the upper level of the parking lot, right outside the ceremony site; and the groom and his family started from the bottom level of the parking lot and moved their way up slowly.

This image of the Baraat is the moment when the grooms side of the family arrives at the ceremony site and is welcomed by the bride’s side. The mothers of both the bride and groom are dancing in the center of the circle right outside the entrance of the Indian Wedding ceremony.

Another tradition of an Indian Wedding ceremony is stealing the grooms shoes after he takes them off on the Mandap. This image is of the groom’s cousin emerging from the battle for the shoes.

The Indian Wedding ceremony was full of emotion, from fun smiles and laughs to solemn blessings and rituals.

As with all weddings (but especially Indian weddings), we love getting in close on the details, as the combination of Mehendi, vibrant colors, and unique ceremony rituals make these images interesting.

During the Indian Ceremony, Ravi & Nancy read each other vows, making promises to each other.

Nancy has a very cute laugh! And the Newport Beach weather that day provided great outdoor lighting.

Here’s another part of the Indian Wedding ceremony that looks great close up. I think it’s kind of cute the way the toes are interacting in this scene.

Our eyes are always naturally drawn to facial expressions; so having some images without focuses our attention on other details of the moment.

During the Indian Wedding ceremony, there is advice/blessings given to the bride.

After the Indian Wedding ceremony, there are hundreds of hugs, such as this one between the bride and the mother of the groom.

Another hug after the ceremony.

The Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa’s outdoor wedding reception area had a beautiful arrangement of food and drinks.

The Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa’s outdoor wedding reception area had a full bar that happened to be back lit, producing this shot.

This is a wide, top-down view of the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa’s outdoor wedding reception area

Here’s the first dance in one of the ballrooms at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa’s.

Here’s a close up of the first dance.

During the reception at Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa’s outdoor wedding reception area, there was a great Indian dance by their good friend

An emotional moment at the wedding, when the bride’s mother and father gave a joint toast.

The party favors for the Indian Wedding were these colored boxes, full of spices. We thought that this made a great display/stage for the ring, in front of a row of lit candles.


Entry written by:

Christopher Lin

Lead Photographer | Partner

Lin and Jirsa Photography