Ritz Carlton Dana Point Wedding | Lauren & David

Enjoy this fun-filled Ritz Carlton Dana Point Wedding featuring Lauren & David.

Special thanks to Natalie from Swellegant Events for coordinating such a wonderful event!

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Wedding Preparation


Flawless Faces Beauty Lounge worked their magic by adding these reflective sparkle strands to Lauren’s hair – creating such a unique element to her look for the day. Her iridescent eyeshadow added a special touch to her makeup look bringing all the attention to her gorgeous eyes.

02-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 03-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 04-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 05-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography

Keith J. Laverty designed this dazzling wedding bouquet filled with corals, seashells, and vibrancy to match the wonderful artistry of Flawless Faces Beauty Lounge.

06-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 07-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 08-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 09-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 10-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 11-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography

First Look


Lauren decided to play a small prank on David before she came out for her first look so she had her bridesmaid carry this Ariel balloon out to him as a practical joke. Needless to say, David was ecstatic to finally turn to see his beautiful bride soon after.

13-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 14-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 15-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography

Wedding Couples Session

16-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 17-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography

With the help of our coordinator Natalie from Swellegant Events and the helpful event coordinators at the Ritz Carlton Dana Point, we were able to shuttle our team, the Bride & Groom, and our wedding party down to Salt Creek Beach to grab a couple memorable portraits and group shots. The easy access to the beach is what makes Ritz Carlton Dana Point such an awesome place to photograph at on a wedding day; offering views and access to the ocean within just a few minutes.

18-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 19-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography

Wedding Party

20-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 21-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography

Creating lasting images with our wedding party members is not only one of our favorite parts of a wedding day but also the most memorable. As they say, ’til death do them part!


Wedding Ceremony

Keith J. Laverty did a phenomenal job accomplishing simplistic ceremony decor, allowing the backdrop of the beautiful blue ocean to speak for itself. Lauren & David had guests grab these mini beach balls to throw following the ceremony which made for a fun celebration as they walked down the aisle as husband and wife for the very first time.


Prior to the ceremony, David, along with his family & friends, participated in an Indian tradition known as a Baraat. David’s half-Indian heritage inspired this idea, fusing both Lauren & David’s families together on this joyous occasion. This processional is filled with upbeat music and celebration as the Groom makes his way to the altar.

24-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 25-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 26-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 27-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 28-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 29-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 30-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 31-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography

Wedding Reception

Keith J. Laverty turned the Ritz Carlton Dana Point’s ballroom into a magnificent party under-the-sea! The room was decorated with centerpieces filled with corals & seahorses and gorgeous royal blue aquatic lighting by Visions Entertainment. Keith even created adorable squid and octopus balloon structures to fit the theme!

32-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 33-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 34-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 35-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 36-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 37-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 38-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 39-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 40-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 41-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 42-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 43-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography 44-Ritz-Carlton-Dana-Point-Wedding-Photography

We had to take advantage of the glorious moon that night as it was peaking through a slew of clouds. We used a fisheye lens in order to capture both the overarching terrace just outside the Ritz Carlton Dana Point ballroom and the beautiful moonlit sky.


More Wedding Info:

Wedding Photography Location or Venue: Ritz Carlton Dana Point, Address: One Ritz-Carlton Drive, Dana Point, California 92629 USA
Wedding Coordinator: Swellegant Events, Contact: [email protected]
Hair & Make Up Artist: Flawless Faces Beauty Lounge, Contact: [email protected]
Wedding DJ/Lighting: Visions Entertainment, Contact: [email protected]
Wedding Florist: Keith J. Laverty, Contact: [email protected]

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