Saddlerock Ranch Malibu Wedding | Colette & Davis

Please enjoy this wonderful Saddlerock Ranch Malibu wedding featuring Colette & Davis.

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5 STARS – “We can’t say enough good things about Pye and his team – they are the absolute best! We were so lucky to have found a team of photographers who were creative, down-to-earth, fun, energetic, extremely professional…the list goes on. We had the pleasure of working with Pye as the lead photographer, Matt (as second photographer), Bilal (the lighting assistant), Carlo (Behind the Scenes) and last but not least was Leslie (Studio Manager), who was the behind the scenes star that helped coordinate a successful shooting day. She made tons of helpful suggestions and was always super responsive to any of our questions or concerns. If we weren’t limited to a five-star review, we would be giving them seven stars!

Pye personally scouted out our location hours before our wedding began so he knew where to take us for the best lighting and the best views throughout the venue (Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu). Our venue was very spread out and we had a long list of requested shots. Pye and his team not only coordinated everything flawlessly but also personally transported us around from location to location. His team truly worked together as a team – for example, his lighting assistant would sprint around to clear away items that were in the way or even to straighten my tie, etc. It was also a pleasant surprise for my family from Taiwan when Pye busted out his flawless Mandarin while setting up shots. After the wedding, many of our wedding guests commented on how great Pye and his team were, so they not only made an impression on my wife and me, but also others at the wedding.

All in all, Lin & Jirsa was one of our favorite wedding vendors by far and we would recommend them to anyone else who wants great photography on their wedding day. We have seen several preview shots so far from our wedding, and we can definitely say that there are some really nice pieces of artwork! We are excited to see the rest of our shots in the next few weeks!”

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Wedding Preparation

01-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 03-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 04-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 05-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 06-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 07-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 08-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 09-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 10-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography

Wedding First Look & Wedding Party

0102-cd-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 13-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 0147-cd-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 14-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 15-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography

Wedding Ceremony

16-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 17-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 18-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 19-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 20-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 21-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 22-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 23-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography

Wedding Couples Session

24-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 25-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 0494-cd-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 0502-cd-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography

Wedding Reception

26-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 27-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 28-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 29-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 30-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 31-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 32-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 33-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 34-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 35-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography 36-saddlerock-ranch-malibu-wedding-photography

More Wedding Info:

Wedding Photography Location or Venue: Saddlerock Ranch, Malibu | Contact: [email protected]
Makeup & Hair Artist: The Braid Studio | Contact: [email protected]
Wedding DJ: Elegant Event Entertainment | Contact: [email protected]
Wedding Florist: Flower Duet | Contact: [email protected]
Wedding Rentals: A Rental Connection | Contact: [email protected]
Caricature Artist: Toon Upz | Contact: [email protected]
Wedding Cake & Desserts: Sweet Lady Jane | Contact: [email protected]
Catering: Vucacious Catering | Contact: [email protected]
Food Trucks: The Grilled Cheese Truck | Contact: [email protected]
Green Truck | Contact: [email protected]
Transportation: Wilshire Limo | Contact: [email protected]

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