The Langham Huntington Pasadena Wedding | Frank and Kay

Directly from the bride, Kay (via Yelp):
“My husband and I could not have been happier with Lin + Jirsa photography.  Their style of photography is extraordinarily creative, fun and beautiful.  They are truly top-notch, first-rate and fantastic.  We interviewed other photographers and no one else came even close.  In addition to the amazing quality of their photography, they are super fun to work with.  Our lead photographer, Justin, was extremely fun to work with — and his whole team was great.  We really enjoyed the whole process and were extremely happy with the end result.  You can’t go wrong hiring Lin + Jirsa.  They really are terrific.”

And here are some kind words from the groom, Frank (via Google+):
“It has been way to long since my wife and chose Lin and Jirsa Photography to shoot our engagement photo’s and wedding. The photographers were one of the few jobs that my wife had tasked me with researching, and it did not take me long to come across the ultimate professionals in Lin and Jirsa. Justin Lin was our main point of contact from when I originally reached out to inquire about pricing and wedding packages. I was so impressed with the quality in their photo’s that my wife started to get annoyed because these were the only photographers that I talked about. She immediately thought that I had only researched 1 photographer and was just talking up their work, to save me time in searching for more. When we finally met with Justin in person, we had a very informative meeting discussing the different packages. Justin was a true professional but was also very easy to get along with making both my wife and I extremely comfortable. It was long after our meet and greet that we contacted Justin to lock his team in for our big day. A few short months after this, we met again to do our engagement shoot which we had so much fun doing. Despite driving to multiple locations in Los Angeles, Justin’s artistic eye and knowledge of photography produced some of the best photo’s we have. It was now time for our big day and Justin and his team were prompt and on time. He took the most amazing photo’s of my wife and her bridesmaid’s while they were preparing for the ceremony, while his assistant was shooting my groomsman and I goofing around for 2 hours. There is not a single photo from our wedding day that came out subpar, everything from their HiRes shots to candid photo’s were absolutely perfect. I highly recommend looking into using Lin and Jirsa Photography for any occasion that needs to be photographed. Their whole staff is extremely professional and they do everything within their powers to make you comfortable during the engagement shoot and big day. We recommend them to all of our friends that are now planning their weddings.”

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A big thank you to Beverly Peterson of Aquafuzion.

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Wedding Ceremony and Reception Locations: The Langham Huntington Pasadena 1401 S Oak Knoll Ave, Pasadena, CA 91106 (626) 568-3900

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