The St. Regis Monarch Beach Sangeet | Sridhar & Sunitha

Please enjoy this gorgeous The St. Regis Monarch Beach Sangeet featuring Sridhar & Sunitha.

A big thank you to Jeannie Savage and Samantha Farris of Details Details Weddings & Events for organizing this beautiful event.

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We wanted our images to look vintage and airy, focusing on intimate moments between the soon to be newlyweds. The soft natural light coming in through the trees was all we needed to illuminate our scene. The rich green foliage provided the perfect contrast to Sunitha’s electric coral lips & pink ghagra.

01-st-regis-monarch-beach-sangeet-indian-wedding-photography.jpg 06-st-regis-monarch-beach-wedding-photographer-indian-pre-wedding-events 03-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 04-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 08-st-regis-monarch-beach-wedding-photographer-indian-pre-wedding-events 06-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 08-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 09-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 10-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 11-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 12-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 13-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 18-st-regis-monarch-beach-wedding-photographer-indian-pre-wedding-events 14-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 15-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 16-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 17-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 18-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography

Shawna Yamamoto worked her magic over and over again throughout this stunning wedding – her creativity was overflowing with detail and beauty. This flower wall inundated with vibrant corals, yellows, reds, and pinks served as the perfect backdrop for group shots. Inspired by the peony wall that Kim & Kanye West had at their wedding, this backdrop was an outright showstopper at the Sangeet.

19-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 20-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 21-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 22-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 23-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 24-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 25-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 31-st-regis-monarch-beach-wedding-photographer-indian-pre-wedding-events 32-st-regis-monarch-beach-wedding-photographer-indian-pre-wedding-events 25-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography

Raj Tents provided these stunning Middle Eastern inspired tents housing guests for the evening. Decorated with Morrocan lamps, striking floral arrangements from Shawna Yamamoto, and varied vases and candles to set the mood – these tents only enhanced the beauty that the St. Regis Monarch Beach had to offer.

27-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 28-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 29-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 37-st-regis-monarch-beach-wedding-photographer-indian-pre-wedding-events 30-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 41-st-regis-monarch-beach-wedding-photographer-indian-pre-wedding-events 31-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 32-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 33-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography

Entertainment for the night was provided by the talented dancers from AATMA, bringing amazing dance routines and pyrotechnics to the stage.

34-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 35-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 48-st-regis-monarch-beach-wedding-photographer-indian-pre-wedding-events

Amit from 3D Sounds always knows how to get a party started. Everyone was up on their feet celebrating the soon to be newlyweds and getting a head start for the wedding and reception the following day.

36-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 52-st-regis-monarch-beach-wedding-photographer-indian-pre-wedding-events 37-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 54-st-regis-monarch-beach-wedding-photographer-indian-pre-wedding-events 38-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography

The night literally ended with a bang thanks to the amazing firework display orchestrated by Pyro Spectaculars! Saying this image was a challenge would be a massive understatement. Attempting to balance the exposure of the bride/groom with the background fireworks, all while trying to pose our couple, get the right expression, time it with the right burst of fireworks, and do it all before the show ends.

56-st-regis-monarch-beach-wedding-photographer-indian-pre-wedding-events 30-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography 58-st-regis-monarch-beach-wedding-photographer-indian-pre-wedding-events 40-St.Regis-Monarch-Beach-Indian-Wedding-Photography

It’s moments like this when I am so grateful to be surrounded by such an incredible team. They came together like clockwork to help pull off this shot in an incredibly quick and fleeting moment.

61-st-regis-monarch-beach-wedding-photographer-indian-pre-wedding-events 53-st-regis-monarch-beach-sangeet-indian-wedding-photography.jpg 65-st-regis-monarch-beach-wedding-photographer-indian-pre-wedding-events 55-st-regis-monarch-beach-sangeet-indian-wedding-photography.jpg 54-st-regis-monarch-beach-sangeet-indian-wedding-photography.jpg

With all the pyrotechnics involved in this Sangeet, it only felt natural to add Sparklers into the mix. Sunitha & Sridhar exited their Sangeet in style as their friends and family guided them with lit sparklers creating this beautiful image below.


You two share a genuine love and sincere relationship that is absolutely infectious. On top of that, you are both so kind and loving to those around you. You make those that around you (family, friends and strangers) feel as though they are the most important thing in your mind.


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