What’s Your Story | #12Life


Josh Boyd and Derek Graham, owners of The12-Irvine and The12-Costa Mesa have become our dear friends and partners of Lin & Jirsa Photography.

This past year, Josh approached us with the need to create a promo video to show people what The12 Movement is all about. After some thought we told Josh, rather than make the same dub-step workout promo that literally every other gym creates, let’s do something different.

Let’s show people why The12 Movement is so unique by telling the stories of the people that make up The12 community. Josh and his team later dubbed this campaign ‪#‎12life‬ and we began the process of filming four short films.


Each short film was filmed during an actual workout by our incredibly talented team at LJP Studios. We had a team of 12 assisting throughout the entire shoot and we pulled audio from 5 different mic sources. We wanted to create a video that was authentic and true to each individual, their hard work and determination to persevere. Hence rather than using music, we used the sounds of the gym and the workout as our soundtrack.

Today we want to show you the first of these short films, the journey of Todd Palmateer, one of the incredible members of The12’s community.
If you like or are inspired by Todd’s story, please feel free to share.