Terranea Resort Indian Wedding | Ruchika & James

Please enjoy this beautiful Terranea Resort Indian wedding featuring Ruchika & James. Special thanks to the wedding planner, Blue Lotus Insights for organizing this gorgeous event.

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Terranea Resort Wedding Highlight Film | Ruchika & James from Lin and Jirsa Studios on Vimeo.

Wedding Preparation

01-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography 02-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography 03-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography 04-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography 06-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography

Wedding First Look

07-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography 08-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography 09-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography 10-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography 11-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography 0297-rj-terranea-resort-palos-verdes-wedding-photography


12-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography 13-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography

Wedding Ceremony

15-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography 16-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography 17-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography 18-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography

Wedding Couples Session

19-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography 20-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography 21-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography

Wedding Reception

22-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography 23-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography 24-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography 25-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography 26-terranea-resort-indian-wedding-photography

More Wedding Info:

Wedding Venue: Terranea Resort
Wedding Planner: Blue Lotus Insights | Contact: [email protected]
Bridal Hair & Makeup: Design Visage | Contact: [email protected]
Wedding Florist: Commerce Flowers | Contact: [email protected]
Reception DJ & Lighting: DJ Scorpio | Contact: [email protected]
Wedding Band: Jordan Music Entertainment | Contact: [email protected]
Paper Goods: Niru & Baku
Bridal Wear: Anita Dongre

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