Turnip Rose Wedding | Michael & Tom

Enjoy this amazing wedding at the Turnip Rose Celebrations featuring Michael & Tom!

We shot their engagement session at the gorgeous Walt Disney Concert hall, where we learned not only how fashionable these two gentlemen were, but how truly genuine they are – check out their session here!

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Wedding Preparation

0012-TM_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 02_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 03_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 05_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 06_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 9_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 10_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 1-turnip-rose-wedding-photography

First Look

This beautiful backdrop served for the perfect location to have our couple’s first look. Michael & Tom started off with a first touch, where they reached for each others hands before turning to see each other first the first time before their wedding ceremony. The Turnip Rose Celebrations has endless inspirational locations and we had to showcase the beautiful light to compliment the scene. It was a beautifully emotional moment as the two turned to see each other for the first time before they wed.

99_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 11_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 12_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 13_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 14_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 15_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 16_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 45_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography

What is a California wedding day without some palm trees? As we mentioned earlier, the Turnip Rose property is overflowing with Mission style architecture and picturesque natural elements. With our handsome grooms wearing all white, they served as the perfect contrast to both the building and nature.


55-turnip-rose-wedding-photography 66-turnip-rose-wedding-photography

Wedding Ceremony


The Turnip Rose is filled with beautiful greenery and Flowers by Cina worked their magic to create a simple & elegant floral display using contrasting purple and pink tones. The flowers added for the perfect touch of elegance for the ceremony sight.

1_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 55_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 22_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 23_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 4_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography

Highlights from Michael & Tom’s ceremony & wedding day can be seen here, captured by our awesome cinema team! It was a sweet & touching ceremony with emotion overflowing throughout.



Wedding Couples Session


Since these two were no strangers to our cameras we knew that we had a fantastic couples session in store for us. We loved using all this irresistible natural light to photograph our newlyweds.

29_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 30_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 31_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 32_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography

Wedding Reception

3_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 66_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography


The mood was set in deep blues and purples illuminating every corner of the beautiful ballroom at the Turnip Rose. With complimenting floral decorations by Flowers by Cina, this reception was absolute perfection.33_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography

34_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 35_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 36_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 5569_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 38_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography

Michael surprised Tom with a standout performance to Beyonce’s Love on Top – check out his rendition here! He had everyone on their feet jamming out to this pop ballad and we were so glad to have been able to capture his entire performance.8888-turnip-rose-wedding-photography

41_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 42_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 43_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography

The two danced the night away with their family & friends as DJ Eric Morales from Extreme DJ Service rocked the reception with some great music!

15_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 45_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 10_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 969_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography 77779_Turnip_Rose_Costa_Mesa_Wedding_Photography

turnip-rose-wedding-photographyMore Wedding Info: Wedding Photography
Location or Venue: Turnip Rose Celebrations, Address: 1901 Newport Blvd., Costa Mesa, CA 92627, Website: http://turniprose.com/Celebrations.htm
Wedding DJ: Extreme DJ, Website: www.extremedjonline.com, Contact: [email protected]
Wedding Florist: Flowers by Cina, Website: http://www.flowersbycinaca.com/, Contact: [email protected]

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